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  • Electronic cigarettes are the single most effective quitting aid

    Vaping nicotine is more effective than all the available stop-smoking medicines, varenicline, nicotine replacement therapy and bupropion, according to a comprehensive analysis funded by the prestigious UK National Institute for Health Research. The study analysed 171 randomised controlled trials (RCTs)……
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  • Leading health organisations mislead the public on vaping

    A group of Australia’s most respected public health organisations (including Quit, Heart Foundation, Lung Foundation Australia and Public Health Association Australia) recently published a Position Statement on vaping. This document is alarmist and misleading and selectively quotes the evidence. It……
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  • Medical Journal of Australia censors debate on vaping harms

    An article in the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) last week confidently attributed a case of lung illness in Sydney to 'EVALI' from vaping nicotine. However, this case was almost certainly NOT EVALI and there is no evidence it was……
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  • Freedom of choice has been cancelled and will cost lives from tomorrow

    (Spectator Australia) Policymakers have impinged on the freedoms of the most disadvantaged members of society – smokers. From 1 October 2021, it will be next to impossible for most smokers to legally access Australia’s most popular quitting aid, nicotine vaping.……
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  • Misinformation about vaping will keep adults smoking

    A recent article on vaping nicotine in the Daily Telegraph (Sydney teen issues vape warning after being hospitalized, by Hannah Paine, 31 August 2021) was inaccurate, alarmist and unbalanced and could harm public health efforts to help people quit smoking.……
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  • October 1 crackdown will drive vapers back to smoking

    Every year, 21,000 Australians die prematurely from smoking cigarettes. That is more deaths than from alcohol, plus prescription drugs, plus illicit drugs, plus road crash deaths, plus HIV, plus suicide. Governments have moral and health obligations to reduce smoking-related deaths……
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  • What every vaper needs to know from 1 October 2021

    Important new regulations for buying nicotine e-liquid begin on 1 October 2021. This blog is a simple summary of what every vaper needs to know. You must have a prescription from an Australian doctor to import nicotine e-liquid legally from……
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  • Vaping by teens - should we be alarmed?

    Nine media (Sydney Morning Herald and The Age) recently published a disturbing expose of  rampant vaping by Australian teenagers. It was a horror story of addiction, nicotine poisoning, lung and brain damage. It must have generated lots of clicks and……
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  • All about nicotine - the guru has spoken

    The world’s leading expert on nicotine has published an authoritative report on nicotine and vaping. It is a must-read for all vapers. Professor Neal Benowitz is Emeritus Professor of Medicine at the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, University……
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  • New Zealand leads the way with vaping regulations

    Sensible vaping regulations are in force from today in New Zealand under the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products Act. They are a stark reminder of how far Australia is falling behind best practice and the rest of the western world.……
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