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  • What every vaper needs to know from 1 October 2021

    Important new regulations for buying nicotine e-liquid begin on 1 October 2021. This blog is a simple summary of what every vaper needs to know. You must have a prescription from an Australian doctor to import nicotine e-liquid legally from……
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  • Vaping by teens - should we be alarmed?

    Nine media (Sydney Morning Herald and The Age) recently published a disturbing expose of  rampant vaping by Australian teenagers. It was a horror story of addiction, nicotine poisoning, lung and brain damage. It must have generated lots of clicks and……
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  • All about nicotine - the guru has spoken

    The world’s leading expert on nicotine has published an authoritative report on nicotine and vaping. It is a must-read for all vapers. Professor Neal Benowitz is Emeritus Professor of Medicine at the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, University……
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  • New Zealand leads the way with vaping regulations

    Sensible vaping regulations are in force from today in New Zealand under the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products Act. They are a stark reminder of how far Australia is falling behind best practice and the rest of the western world.……
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  • Nicotine prescriptions. What you need to know

    FROM 1 OCTOBER 2021, Aussie vapers who import nicotine without a prescription will risk a penalty of up to $222,000 and a possible criminal record under new TGA regulations. If you are a vaper, visit your GP and explain how……
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