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  • What can Aussie vapers expect in 2024?

    WHAT IS THE LIKELY OUTCOME from Mark Butler’s draconian restrictions on vaping? Having dusted off my crystal ball, here’s my take: Butler's ban is likely to fail, setting the stage for an eventual shift towards a more progressive vaping policy……
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  • Mark Butler is coming for Aussie vapers

    THE HEALTH MINISTER has announced today the timeline for his long-awaited crackdown on vaping. The importation of disposable single-use vapes will be banned from 1 January 2024 and the personal importation of any vapes or e-liquids (including all refillable devices……
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  • Aussie vapers speak out about the ban

    AUSSIE VAPERS ARE ANGRY, ANXIOUS AND FEARFUL about Mark Butler’s proposed vaping crackdown. Many are genuinely terrified of returning to smoking and very few are willing to comply with the new laws. Vapers feel that Mark Butler is not listening.……
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  • New guidelines for health professionals on vaping

    NEW EVIDENCE-BASED GUIDELINES on vaping have been released by the UK National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training to educate health professionals about vaping and to encourage them to assist smokers to quit with vaping. The guidelines were prepared by……
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  • An update on Mark Butler's vaping ban

    THE HEALTH MINISTER is determined to introduce “the toughest vaping laws in the world” to tackle vaping, which he regards as a public health menace. We are finally starting to get a clearer picture of the detail of Mark Butler’s……
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  • Most Supportive Public Health Professional/Researcher Award

    WITH THE GREATEST OF HUMILITY, I would like to announce that I have won the UK Vaping Industry Association’s Most Supportive Public Health Professional/Researcher Award for 2023. The award was announced at the annual UKVIA Forum and Industry Recognition Awards……
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  • Why vaping reform in Australia makes economic sense

    REGULATING NICOTINE VAPES AS ADULT-ONLY consumer products like cigarettes would not only benefit public health but would also be a significant boost to the Australian economy. This blog explores the economic impact of bringing Australian policy into line with other……
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  • Honesty in government. A Health Minister's press release on vaping

    AFTER THE INTERCEPTION of 35 tonnes of illegal vapes at the border, a MYTHICAL, honest Health Minister released this press release Government admits vaping policy has failed and apologises to the public PRESS RELEASE 8 November 2023 Unfortunately, my government’s……
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  • Butler's vaping policy is a missed public health opportunity

    DURING LAST NIGHT'S Q+A PROGRAM, Health Minister Mark Butler highlighted legitimate concerns about youth vaping. However his proposed solutions could undermine public health and miss the chance to leverage vaping as a cessation tool for adult smokers. Video here. The……
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  • Time for a moratorium on Australia’s vaping policy

    HEALTH MINISTER MARK BUTLER is rightly concerned that youth smoking has increased substantially on his watch. However, his claim that youth vaping is the cause warrants closer examination. Recent statistics are indeed troubling, with the smoking rate among 14-17-year-olds climbing……
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