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  • New campaign outlines the REAL truth about vaping

    I HAVE TODAY launched ‘Dr Col’s Vape Truths’, an evidenced-based video campaign on nicotine vaping, designed to combat the rampant misinformation being provided by state health departments, particularly Queensland Health. New South Wales and Western Australia are also running a……
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  • Article sinks to new low of misinformation about vaping

    A RECENT OPINION PIECE in The Examiner newspaper by two Tasmanian vaping opponents Dr Sukhwinder Sohal and Dr Kathryn Barnsley has sunk to a new level of misinformation and scaremongering. The Examiner has not responded to my request to correct……
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  • The Banks review of vaping is flawed and misleading, study finds

    THE REVIEW OF VAPING by Banks and colleagues commissioned by the Australian Department of Health is flawed and misleading according to an analysis by four leading Australian academics, published today in Drug and Alcohol Review. The review from the Australian……
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  • Vaping nicotine – making the switch from smoking tobacco

    THIS ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN for NSW Users and AIDS Association (NUAA) User News. It provides simple advice for smokers who want to start legally vaping legally but don't know how. [Also available at NUAA User News July 2022] Dr Colin……
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  • Vaping 'a crucial tool to reduce inequalities for Indigenous Territorians'

    A NEW STUDY published in the Medical Journal of Australia has found Indigenous people in the Northern Territory have a life expectancy 15 years less than the general population, with the gap unlikely to be eliminated for a further 60……
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  • Belgian authorities strong support for vaping, report

    BELGIAN’S SUPERIOR HEALTH COUNCIL has delivered a comprehensive report in favour of vaping which is in stark contrast to the advice of Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council. It supports vaping as a safer alternative to smoking or as……
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  • Most toxins not detectable in vapour, study

    A ROBUST STUDY of the vapour from a leading commercial nicotine vaping product has provided very reassuring safety data. The analysis of the Relx podvape found that 40 of the most harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke are undetectable or are……
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  • NHMRC vaping position is a disgrace

    THE NATIONAL HEALTH AND MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL, Australia's peak medical body has released its latest guidelines on vaping. However, the guidelines are alarmist, seriously flawed, do not reflect the latest evidence on vaping and will harm public health. Some of……
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  • Study debunks fears of youth vaping

    A COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW of youth vaping in the US has concluded that the harm from vaping is greatly exaggerated and that vaping is unlikely to be causing an increase in youth smoking. The review by leading researcher Professor Riccardo Polosa……
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  • WA Government stance on vaping will create public health disaster

    THE WA STATE GOVERNMENT is threatening the survival of vape stores across the state with massive fines for selling any kind of vaping product. The current legislation in WA (Tobacco Product Control Act 2006) bans the sale of devices that……
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