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  • The regulation of vaping in Australia has failed. What now?

    THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT has mandated that purchasing e-cigarettes requires a prescription from a general practitioner. This policy aims to regulate e-cigarettes through medical channels to ensure their safe and proper use. However, for e-cigarette companies, promoting their products through medical……
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  • New Zealand smoking success puts Australia to shame

    THE UNPRECEDENTED DECLINE IN SMOKING in New Zealand since vaping was legalised and regulated in 2020 was highlighted in a presentation at the E-Cig Summit in Washington last week. The presentation by New Zealand ASH Director Ben Youdan showed how Australia……
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  • Urgent call to reject the Vaping Reforms Bill

    AUSTRALIA'S DE FACTO PROHIBITION of vaping has created a rampant black market run by criminals, a sharp rise in youth vaping, and a barrier for adult smokers wishing to quit. The proposed Therapeutic Goods and Other Legislation Amendment (Vaping Reforms)……
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  • The Senate Committee has approved the vaping bill. What now?

    THE SENATE INQUIRY INTO VAPING has recommended that the vaping bill be passed (report here). What does that mean, and what’s next? The Committee voted in favour of the Therapeutic Goods and Other Legislation Amendment (Vaping Reforms) Bill 2024. If……
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  • Will China stop supplying illegal vapes to Australia?

    EMERITUS PROFESSOR SIMON CHAPMAN AND COLLEAGUES are predicting that illegal vapes will virtually disappear in Australia because the Chinese government requires “all exporters to obey the laws of the countries to which they are exporting”. [link Sub 208, Sub 62]……
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  • Youth vaping rates higher in Australia than other countries

    AUSTRALIA'S HARSH DE FACTO PROHIBITION of vapes has failed to reduce youth access. The youth vaping rate in Australia is higher than in most other countries where vaping is regulated as an adult consumer product. A review of current youth……
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  • Proposed restrictions will have no impact on the vape black market - experts

    THREE EXPERT WITNESSES have told the Senate Inquiry into Vaping that the current vaping black market will continue unabated under the proposed legislation. No level of enforcement can restrict the established illicit trade and reduce its profitability. All three witnesses……
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  • My evidence at the Senate Inquiry

    IN MY INTRODUCTORY SPEECH to the Senate Vaping Inquiry on 2 May 2024, I cover two major concerns about Australia’s vaping policy and comment on the blatant misinformation presented to the Inquiry.    1. The current de facto ban……
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  • Debunking Anti-Vaping Claims in the Senate Inquiry

    THE SENATE INQUIRY INTO VAPING has been inundated with submissions from respected Australian health organisations and academics. However, a closer analysis reveals that many of these submissions are rife with misleading or exaggerated information and lack evidence-based support. I analysed……
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  • Vaping prohibition has failed, experts say

    HARSH GOVERNMENT RESTRICTIONS on vaping products amount to prohibition and have created "an extraordinarily large, uncontrollable, and dangerous black market". Attempts to restrict the market further will almost certainly fail according to leading experts in criminology and law enforcement, Dr……
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