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  • NSW Health's misinformation campaign is bound to flop

    Young people should not vape or smoke. They should also be given accurate evidence-based information to help them make informed choices. The NSW Health ‘Do you know what you’re vaping?’ campaign is alarmist and provides many misleading and inaccurate messages……
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  • The National Tobacco Strategy is set to fail...again!

    The Department of Health is seeking feedback on how to reduce smoking in the draft National Tobacco Strategy 2022-2030. This is an opportunity for vapers to be heard before the anti-vaping policy is locked in for the rest of the……
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  • Is vaping safer than smoking?

    In spite of what you may read in the media, vaping is now established to be a far safer alternative to smoking. This webinar I gave recently at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at the University of New South……
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  • Man's death from heavy smoking, not EVALI

    The ABC reported tonight the death of a Queensland man which was attributed to EVALI caused by vaping. Having carefully studied the case and the post mortem report, I disagree. It is much more likely that the man died from……
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  • New National Tobacco Policy misguided and uninformed on vaping

    The Australian Department of Health today released the draft National Tobacco Strategy, outlining the proposed tobacco policy for  2022-30. The Strategy takes a hostile view of vaping and tobacco harm reduction and aims to further restrict access for adult smokers.……
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  • Youth vaping. The other side of the story

    An article in the Daily Telegraph today breathlessly reported on the ‘teen vaping crisis’ and the danger to our children. However, the article exaggerated the risks, included misinformation and only told one side of the story. There was no comment……
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  • Poor journalism falsely claims that vaping causes impotence

    Alarmist media reports recently suggested that vaping causes erectile dysfunction (ED or impotence). However, any increase in ED was almost certainly caused by previous smoking, not vaping. In the US study, men were asked if they would like to answer……
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  • National Preventive Health Strategy fails smokers, vapers and Indigenous people

    The National Preventive Health Strategy 2021 launched today by health minister Greg Hunt has failed to deliver for Australia’s smokers, vapers and Indigenous people. The Strategy identifies tobacco smoking as the leading cause of preventable death and disease in Australia……
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  • New Zealand puts Australia to shame - new report

    New Zealand (Aoteaora) has today released an ‘aggressive’ action plan to be smoke-free by 2025. The goal is to reduce daily smoking in all population groups to 5% or less. The Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 Action Plan involves three main approaches:……
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  • How vaping helped one ‘hideously addicted’ doctor quit smoking

    As a junior doctor in the UK, Kevin Murphy said he was “hideously addicted” to nicotine and would creep off the hospital campus to have a smoke, wearing disposable gloves and, on his way back, chewing as many mints as……
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