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  • Does vaping harm the lungs of adults who have never smoked?

    RESEARCH HAS NOT IDENTIFIED any serious harms to the lungs from vaping nicotine by non-smoking adults in the short-medium term. An expert review concluded that vaping nicotine is unlikely to raise any significant concerns for lung health. (Polosa) There is……
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  • Promote vaping as an effective quitting aid - UK RCP

    IN ITS LATEST COMPREHENSIVE REPORT, the prestigious UK Royal College of Physicians recommends that vaping nicotine should be promoted as an effective quitting aid, and that vaping poses only a small fraction of the risk of smoking. The approach recommended……
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  • Could nicotine pouches help you quit smoking?

    NICOTINE POUCHES are becoming popular as safer nicotine alternatives to smoking tobacco in other countries. Are they legal in Australia? Are they safe? Where can you buy them?  Nicotine pouches are small bags of nicotine (in various doses) that are……
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  • The dilemma facing the NSW Parliament Inquiry into Vaping

    THIS WEEK I GAVE EVIDENCE to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into vaping. However, I was appalled by the false and misleading information provided to the Committee in anti-vaping submissions and oral evidence by experts whose advice has created the current……
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  • Please make a submission to the Senate vaping inquiry

    THE CURRENT SENATE VAPING INQUIRY is a real opportunity for change policy. There is growing support for vaping reform in federal Parliament. We think a majority of senators understand that the current model has failed. The deadline for submissions is……
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  • The vape debate – a report from Parliament

    SPEAKERS IN LAST WEEK'S PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE on the Vaping Reform Bill all agreed that the primary focus of vaping legislation should be to reduce youth use. However, there was very little agreement on anything else. The debate uncovered widespread misinformation……
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  • 7 reasons why Parliament should oppose the vaping Bill

    MARK BUTLER HAS INTRODUCED his vaping Bill to Parliament. If I were a member of Parliament, I would oppose the Bill. The current regulatory model has failed and will only get worse with the proposed changes. Here are 7 reasons……
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  • Victorian Parliament Inquiry into Vaping. Submissions now due

    THE VICTORIAN PARLIAMENT INQUIRY INTO VAPING can recommend legislative changes to end the current, failed prescription-pharmacy model that has handed control of the market to criminal gangs. The Victorian Parliament can and should replace it with a strictly regulated adult……
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  • Australian experts endorse Peter Dutton’s view of vaping

    MORE THAN THIRTY AUSTRALIAN tobacco control and addiction experts wrote today to Mr Peter Dutton, leader of the federal Opposition, in support of his comments on vaping regulation. In a recent interview on 2DayFM, Mr Dutton acknowledged that the current……
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  • “More farewells than Dame Nellie Melba”

    I WANT TO LET EVERYONE KNOW that I am back at work. After trying to retire twice, I have found that vaping advocacy is more addictive than I thought. Professor Ron Borland calls me the Dame Nellie Melba of Tobacco……
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