New campaign outlines the REAL truth about vaping

Posted on August 7, 2022 By Colin

I HAVE TODAY launched ‘Dr Col’s Vape Truths’, an evidenced-based video campaign on nicotine vaping, designed to combat the rampant misinformation being provided by state health departments, particularly Queensland Health.

New South Wales and Western Australia are also running a vaping disinformation campaign called Do You Know What You Are Vaping? I have discussed this campaign in a previous blog here.

These campaigns are alarmist and untruthful and will only discourage adult smokers from switching to less harmful alternatives to deadly cigarettes.

Dr Col’s Vape Truths' campaign consists of eight short videos correcting common misconceptions about vaping and is based on eight misleading and alarmist videos by Queensland Health. The videos cover the following key evidence:

1 Vapour is far less toxic than cigarette smoke.

2 Vaping significantly reduces the risk of cancer relative to smoking.

3 Vaping nicotine does not cause serious harm to the lungs.

4 Vapes incorrectly labelled as nicotine-free are dodgy disposable products sold on the black market, not from reputable businesses.

5 There has never been a single death caused by vaping nicotine.

6 When smokers switch to vaping, their breathing improves substantially.

7 Vaping is not completely risk-free but is substantially safer than deadly cigarettes.

8 Most of the chemicals in vapour are present at very low doses and most cause little or no harm.

Queensland Health makes the absurd and dishonest claim that vaping is more harmful than smoking when all credible health authorities agree that smoking is far more dangerous

Young people will see through the mistruths being targeted at them. Young people today have access to unlimited information through the internet. Lies from government organisations will lead to a loss of trust in important public health messages in the future. Some will rebel and try vaping because they are being told not to.

Adult smokers require accurate information to help them quit deadly cigarettes and vaping is the most effective quitting method available

Current state government education campaigns are providing wildly misleading information.

It is unacceptable for health authorities to provide untruthful information to the public and it will lead to more smoking-related deaths and illness

Dr Col’s Vape Truths are designed to help adult smokers get the facts on vaping so they can make informed decisions about switching.

I will also post the videos on social media over the next two weeks. Please share them freely.

Dr Col’s Vape Truths campaign website

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