The Butler Express. Coming to a town near you!

Posted on September 11, 2023 By Colin

MINISTER BUTLER'S UPDATED VAPING REGULATIONS are outlined in a recent Consultation Paper. Consultation has been sought as a box-ticking exercise, with 2 weeks to respond! Based on past experience, it is almost certain that the plan will be submitted for legislation with minor, if any, changes.

The result is The Butler Express: a train wreck in slow motion

The proposed regulations double down on the failed prescription-only model. Additional harsh restrictions will make legal vapes less accessible, less appealing and less effective. Ironically, deadly cigarettes remain freely available at over 20,000 retail outlets.

The revised policy is based on two flawed government-commissioned reports from the NHMRC and Professor Emily Banks from the ANU. Analysis of both reports in peer-reviewed journals here and here found that they contain serious scientific errors, misinformation and bias.

Both peer-reviewed critiques have been wilfuly and irresponsibly ignored in developing the new ideologically-driven regulations

'De facto' prohibition, version 2

Here are the key changes, assuming Butler's Bill passes through both houses of federal Parliament later this year.

Good aspects of the regulations include

The likely outcomes

The new regulations are certain to fail. Vapers have already signalled their unwillingness to follow the prescription model. The demand for nicotine vapes will not diminish. Most vapers will continue to purchase products through illegal channels

The proposed changes are a disaster for public health and the vape industry. They will result in more smoking and more smoking-related death and disease, as was the cases for the original failed regulations.

Sooner or later, regulators will be forced to accept that their harsh restrictions on vaping have been a resounding failure yet again, just as the war on drugs has failed. Butler's Express and the TGA will eventually be held to account. Toot, toot!


Therapeutic Goods Administration. Proposed reforms to the regulation of vapes. Consultation paper. September 2023

My response to the TGA Consultation. 15 September 2023

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