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Posted on April 4, 2024 By Colin

THE CURRENT SENATE VAPING INQUIRY is a real opportunity for change policy. There is growing support for vaping reform in federal Parliament. We think a majority of senators understand that the current model has failed. The deadline for submissions is COB 12 April 2024.

The vaping bill before parliament is intended to ban “the importation, domestic manufacture, supply, commercial possession and advertisement of vaping goods”. Overall, the goal is to reduce youth vaping and provide prescription access for adult smokers.

However, this model will fail even with the final proposed changes. It has fuelled youth vaping, failed adult smokers and created a thriving and dominant black market controlled by criminals. See here for more

A better approach is for the bill to be amended to an adult consumer framework with strict age verification, with vapes sold like cigarettes and alcohol.

Here are some thought starters to assist in preparing your submission. It is best to be concise and keep your submission brief, no more than several pages.


Start by briefly describing who you are and the difficulty you had quitting smoking.  Explain how vaping helped you quit and how it has benefited your health and finances.

The current model is not working

Explain why, in your opinion, the current prescription-only model is not working, and why it will not work even with modifications and further enforcement. Reasons could include

Better regulation

Discuss why a different regulatory framework would work better. For example, under New Zealand’s model, nicotine vapes are sold as adult consumer products from licensed retail outlets with strict age verification. Vape shops can provide expert advice, support, and a wider range of products. Licensed retailers are unlikely to sell to kids if there is a risk of losing their licence and paying large fines. There is no significant black market in New Zealand.

Making your submission

The deadline for submissions is Friday, 12 April 2024.

Here is the committee’s inquiry page for more information: Therapeutic Goods and Other Legislation Amendment (Vaping Reforms) Bill 2024 [Provisions] – Parliament of Australia (

Submissions can be lodged online or via email.

My submission

Dr Colin Mendelsohn. Submission to Senate Inquiry 10 April 2024

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