A comprehensive review of the evidence on nicotine vaping. New report

Posted on October 23, 2023 By Colin

TODAY WE SENT A COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW of the latest evidence on nicotine vaping to all Australian federal, state and territory Members of Parliament. We hope the review will help to support evidence-based policymaking.

The fully referenced document (available here) outlines the health effects of vaping, its potential as a quitting aid, the challenge of youth vaping and why Australia’s prescription-only regulatory model has failed. It also addresses the key myths on vaping.

Most importantly, it provides evidence-based advice to policymakers on how to regulate vaping for the best public health outcomes

Video on the review. Summary of key points (4 mins)

The review was prepared by four leading Australian smoking, addiction and harm reduction experts:

Dr Colin Mendelsohn
Dr Alex Wodak AM
Emeritus Professor Wayne Hall AM, FASSA. FAHMS and
Professor Ron Borland FASSA.

Together, the authors have published nearly 1,650 peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters and books. None of the authors has ever received funding from e-cigarette or tobacco companies.

Executive summary

Health effects

Potential as a quitting aid

Youth vaping

Nicotine and dependence

The current regulatory model has failed

Our conclusion

Based on the above we believe the best way forward is:


Mendelsohn CP, Wodak A, Hall W, Borland R. Evidence review of nicotine vaping and recommendations for regulation in Australia. 23 October 2023

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