Additional Resources

Online forums

Vaping in Australia
An Australian forum for sharing information on vaping and supporting new vapers.
Vapers Down Under
A popular Reddit discussion and support group for Australian vapers with 13,000 members.
E-cigarette Forum
The world’s largest vaping website with discussion forums, product information and blogs.

Facebook Groups

Vape Fam Australia
A popular Australian page, very friendly and helpful for new users.
Supportive group for women who love to vape and share experiences and stories about vaping.
DIY Downunder 18+
A group dedicated to the do-it-yourself e-liquid mixing.
Pods Australia
An Australasian Facebook group for pod users to meet online and share information about pod vapes.

Online resources

Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association (ATHRA)
ATHRA is an independent Australian health promotion charity established by doctors to provide accurate information about vaping. The website has a wide range of evidence-based information on vaping and a special section for health professionals.

New Zealand Ministry of Health

UK National Health Service
Vaping 360
A reputable commercial site with an excellent blog, product reviews and good advice on a wide range of vaping topics.
E-cigarette Academy
A UK-based commercial site with excellent articles for beginners and advanced users.
Information about batteries and electronics from a leading expert.

Australian reviewers

Legion Vapes (Steve)
The Vaping Bogan (Sam). Language alert! Not for sensitive viewers.
Friday Vape Club (Squidly)
The Aussie Vape Show. A weekly live panel show.

International reviewers

GrimmGreen (Nick)
Phil Busardo
Rip Trippers
Vic Mullin

Expert blogs

Clive Bates: The counterfactual
Insightful analysis by the world’s leading campaigner on tobacco harm reduction and former head of Action on Smoking and Health UK.
Professor Michael Siegel: The Rest of the Story
Analysis and commentary by leading US academic.
Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos: E-cigarette Research
Scientific blog by one of the world’s leading e-cigarette researchers.
Professor Brad Rodu: Tobacco Truth
Professor of Medicine with special expertise in tobacco harm reduction.
Dr Carl V Phillips: Tobacco harm reduction, anti-THR lies, and related topics
Blog by a prominent tobacco harm reduction advocate and scientist.

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