Table of Contents

Case studies



Why I have written this book

How to use this book

Quick-start guide for smokers


PART 1   The Evidence on Vaping and Nicotine

1 What is vaping?

2 Vaping in Australia

3 Busting the myths about nicotine

4 Is vaping safer than smoking?

5 Is vaping an effective quitting aid?


PART 2   Start Vaping

6 Do your homework

7 Coils, batteries, chipsets and vaping styles

8 Starter vape kits

9 Advanced models

10 Which e-liquid?

11 Visit your GP

12 Where to buy vaping products

13 Start vaping

14 Vape safely

15 You can do it!


PART 3   Controversies and solutions

16 The risk to young people

17 Other controversies

18 Misperceptions about safety

19 How are individual attitudes to vaping formed?

20 Ten underlying reasons why vaping is opposed

21 Defending the indefensible

22 Human rights, autonomy and social justice

23 How should vaping be regulated?

24 The future of vaping in Australia



Additional resources

Quotes from leading health and medical organisations

Health and medical organisations supporting vaping




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