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Associate Professor Colin Mendelsohn


Colin is a Tobacco Treatment Specialist. He helps smokers to quit smoking, teaches health professionals, writes articles on smoking and is involved in a range of other smoking-related projects.

He is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Health and Community Medicine at the University of New South Wales, where he teaches medical students.

He sees patients who are admitted to The Sydney Clinic, a smokefree psychiatric hospital in Bronte, Sydney, where he provides one-on-one counselling and support. He is also available to see smokers in Double Bay.

He also teaches in the Nicotine Dependence and Smoking Cessation course at the University of Sydney and conducts training for health professionals around Australia.

Colin has participated in many research studies on how to quit smoking and has published many articles in peer-reviewed medical journals.

He is a member of the committee that develops the Australian national smoking cessation guidelines and is the immediate past Vice President of the Australian Association of Smoking Cessation Professionals, Australia’s peak body for experts in the field of smoking cessation.

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Can electronic cigarettes help you quit?

e-cigarette smoker.jpgElectronic cigarettes (ECs) are battery-powered devices that heat a liquid, usually containing nicotine, into a vapour for inhalation.

There is growing evidence that ECs can help smokers quit or significantly reduce their cigarette intake.

ECs are worth considering if you have tried other methods of quitting without success. The best results are when ECs are used with professional support and counselling and in combination with other therapies, such as a nicotine patch or Champix.

ECs are dramatically safer than smoking. As there is no combustion or burning, there is no smoke, carbon monoxide or tar which are responsible for most of the health effects of smoking.

The sale, possession and use of nicotine without approval is illegal in Australia. However, nicotine can be legally imported and used to quit smoking if you have a prescription for nicotine from an Australian medical practitioner.

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