How to stop vaping. New guidelines available

Posted on March 29, 2022 By Colin

The world’s first guidelines to assist vapers who want to quit vaping have been released today by the Canadian Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

The guidelines are designed for health professionals to support both adults and youth from age 15 years. They include behavioural therapies and medication and are based on approaches to stop smoking.

The guidelines have been developed from the limited research evidence available and the opinions of a group of experts in the field. I am proud to have been on the expert committee which developed these guidelines. They were commissioned by Ontario’s Ministry of Health.

A range of assessment tools is provided which can be used to measure how dependent (addicted) you are to vaping.

Some practical advice

However, not everyone can quit, especially people with mental illness or substance use disorders. The guidelines recommend that health professionals provide ongoing support for vaping in these cases. Longer-term support may be required due to the higher risk of relapse. Continuing to vape is far safer than relapsing to smoking.

Other issues raised


Vaping Cessation Guidance Resource

List of assessment tools

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