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Posted on November 12, 2022 By Colin

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing a vaper can do to get the nicotine regulations changed to a retail consumer model is to write a brief, polite email to your local state and federal MPs. Many thanks to Martin Sheppard who has done just that. He and his wife have both switched from smoking to vaping.

Greg Hunt's flawed prescription model has been a spectacular failure. Low concentrations of nicotine liquid for adult vaping should be available from licensed retail outlets with strict age verification. The TGA admitted yesterday that they got it wrong and have dumped the 12-month review.

The decision to scrap the prescription requirement is a political one. Members of parliament need to know how important it is for adult smokers and vapers to have easy access to nicotine liquid and that their constituents want this.

There are now around 7,500 adult vapers in every federal electorate and a clear message from vapers will have a powerful impact, especially in marginal seats

It should not be easier to access deadly cigarettes than a nicotine substitute that is at least 95% safer, and is the most popular quitting aid in Australia and globally.

Federal and state MPs and their email addresses are available here

Martin's email

Here is Martin's email, also sent to Helen Haines and federal Health Minister Mark Butler.

"Hello Minister Symes

My name is Martin Sheppard.

I live in Benalla, Victoria.

As you are my state/federal government representative I am writing to you with a request for you to raise my concerns on the current vaping situation in Victoria.

My story is that I was a heavy smoker from the age of 15, I started smoking at age 13. I had tried to stop via all but one treatment, the one I avoided was Zyban as I thought through a little research that it was too dangerous. I had done research and sought advice on vaping in 2014 - 2015, I acquired my first vaping device in February 2015 and ceased cigarette smoking totally within one week.

I have vaped since then. 

My request is that acquiring nicotine base legislation and the ease of purchase be made less foreboding to make it a little easier for those contemplating starting transition from cigarettes to a system that worked wonderfully for me, vaping.  My wife also has a similar vaping journey and is now vape & cigarette free.

For it to be regulated in some way to make the transition more readily available to those smokers that would like to quit but, as to not recruit the younger population to start would be ideal.

Thanks for your time."

Please write your email today!

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