I work exclusively with smokers, helping them to quit. I use all evidence-based treatments including vaping nicotine when appropriate.

I have worked in tobacco treatment for 40 years. I am actively involved in teaching health professionals about smoking, writing articles in peer-reviewed journals, research and advocacy for tobacco harm reduction.

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Quit smoking

Expert advice and support will give you the best possible chance of quitting. I am available for consultations in-person or by video call to help smokers quit. This involves a full assessment and developing a personalised plan for your needs. Treatment is based on evidence-based strategies, medication, counselling and support.

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Vaping nicotine

If you have been unable to quit with conventional treatment I recommend considering vaping nicotine as a safer alternative and I provide nicotine prescriptions when appropriate. Vaping is Australia’s most popular quitting aid and is significantly more effective than nicotine replacement therapy. Vaping can be used as a short-term quitting aid or as a long-term strategy to avoid going back to smoking and is at least 95% safer than smoking.

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