Why the 'crest of coolness' is important to smokers

21 December, 2012

Many smokers tell us that cigarettes taste different since plain packaging was introduced. However, the manufacturers deny any c…

Colin elected Vice President of AASCP

27 November, 2012

Colin was elected honorary Vice President of the Australian Association of Smoking Cessation Professionals (AASCP) at the AGM on…

Nicotine mouth spray now available

17 November, 2012

QuickMist, the new nicotine mouth spray acts much more quickly to relieve cravings than other nicotine products, such as the gum…

What is 'Quit4good'?

17 November, 2012

A treatment called Quit4Good has recently been heavily advertised as the 'world’s first nicotine free oral strip'.

Plain packaging will save lives

17 November, 2012

The new plain packaging laws have reaffirmed Australia as a world leader in public health. From 1 December, all tobacco products…

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