Is smoking your best friend?

1 September, 2013

Motivation to quit smoking is not enough

13 August, 2013

Many people believe that wanting to quit smoking badly enough is all you need to succeed. Unfortunately this is not true.

Why a tax rise is actually good for smokers!

1 August, 2013

A tax rise will motivate many smokers to quit, and prevent thousands of premature deaths.

How consumers are manipulated by branding

24 July, 2013

The first research paper into the effects of plain packaging for cigarettes shows that smokers find them less satisfying and of …

Why you should quit before surgery

30 June, 2013

Smokers will be asked to quit before undergoing surgery under new medical guidelines.

Penne Hackforth-Jones. Smoking claims another victim.

21 May, 2013

The popular Australian actor, Penne Hackforth-Jones died recently from lung cancer at the age of 64.

Get ready for World No Tobacco Day

13 May, 2013

WTND is held on 31 May every year and is a great opportunity to quit once and for all!

Smoking can make you impotent

29 April, 2013

Smoking increases a man’s risk of developing erectile dysfunction (impotence) by 51%

Were you born to be a smoker?

1 April, 2013

It is now generally accepted that 50-60% of smoking behaviour is determined by our genes. Genes are inherited from our parent…

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