Smoking to be banned in Australian prisons

18 April, 2014

Smoking by inmates, staff and visitors will soon be banned altogether in all Australian prisons.

Two local cigarette factories to close soon

8 April, 2014

Few people will be sad to hear that cigarette manufacturing facilities in Sydney and Melbourne will soon be closing.

New nicotine mouth strips now available

20 March, 2014

The new oral films release nicotine directly into the mouth and relieve cravings and withdrawal symptoms when quitting smoking

Quitting smoking makes you happier and more relaxed

21 February, 2014

People who quit smoking have less anxiety and stress and are happier, compared with those who continue to smoke.

New Smokers' Clinic opening soon in Bronte

2 February, 2014

Dr Mendelsohn is opening a new Smokers' Clinic in Bronte on Monday 3 March.

Another 'Marlboro Man' dies from smoking

28 January, 2014

An American actor has become the fifth former “Marlboro Man” to die from a smoking-related disease

Tobacco companies ordered to admit to persistent lying and deceit

27 January, 2014

The major tobacco companies have lied for decades to the public about the dangers of smoking and their marketing to children.

Government report links smoking to more diseases

18 January, 2014

The latest US Surgeon General's reveals even more hazards caused by smoking

Annual lung scans recommended for some current and former smokers

5 January, 2014

Testing is advised for heavy smokers aged 55-80 years and for 15 years after quitting

Price of cigarettes rises $10 per week today

1 December, 2013

Over the next 12 months the average smoker will pay almost $5,000 to support their habit.

Illegal cigarettes and chop-chop on the rise in Australia

17 November, 2013

Cheap illicit tobacco now make up 13.3% of all sales of tobacco in Australia

Can you cut nicotine patches?

17 November, 2013

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