Top 4 tips from experienced vapers to new users

Posted by DrMendelsohn on 5 August, 2017

Experienced vapers are well qualified to provide new users with valuable advice on how to make switching easier.

Dr Chris Russell and his team from Scotland asked over 4,000 vaping ex-smokers for advice for newbies.

1. Find a combination of vaping device, flavours of e-liquid and nicotine strength that ‘works for you’ 

Find a device and e-liquid that generates the volume of vapour and level of throat hit you want and that gives the most pleasure and satisfaction. Avoid buying ‘cheap disposables’ and other devices sold at petrol station and convenience stores as these products are unlikely to satisfy new vapers. Vapers urged smokers to buy their first products from a reputable vape shop where they can get guidance. They advised smokers to do their own research, visit vape shops, join online forums, watch turorial videos, talke to experienced vapers etc

2. Continuing to smoke for a while after starting to vape is OK

It is OK if you want to keep smoking cigarettes and use e-cigarettes for a while, but try to cut down and give up cigarettes as soon as possible. Don’t expect or try to stop smoking entirely on day one of using an e-cigarette unless you are sure they can handle it. Instead, cut down cigarette use gradually while getting used to being a vaper.

3. Failure to quit smoking with approved smoking cessation aids before success with e-cigarettes is common

Most had tried and failed several times to quit smoking by using other approved nicotine replacement products and stop smoking medications. Many said that e-cigarettes have been the only thing that has worked for them, and many would likely still be smoking had they not discovered e-cigarettes.

4. Health and hygiene improve after switching to vaping

Many users said their physical and mental health and hygiene has improved in a wide variety of ways. The most common health benefits were reduced cough, reduced wheeze, less frequently hacking up phlegm, less breathless when climbing stairs or doing exercise, and improved sense of smell and taste. The main hygiene benefit cited was no longer ‘smelling like stale smoke’ or ‘smelling like an ashtray’. Vaping is also less expensive than smoking.



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Russell C. Advice from Former-Smoking E-Cigarette Users to Current Smokers on How to Use E-Cigarettes as Part of an Attempt to Quit Smoking. Nicotine Tobacco  Save Research 2017

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