A smoke-free home can help you quit

Posted by DrMendelsohn on 13 May, 2013

Research has shown that having a complete smoking ban in the home can help smokers quit. It also results in substantial health benefits for the rest of the family. (1)

Benefits for the smoker

No_smoking_home.jpgA smoke-free home leads to more quit attempts and a greater chance of quitting successfully. Smokers in a smoke-free home also decrease their cigarette consumption over time.

A home smoking ban breaks established patterns, such as having a cigarette on rising. The inconvenience of going outside may result in delaying or omitting the cigarette altogether.

Smokers who have already quit are less likely to relapse in a smoke-free home. There are less reminders in the home, for example from others smoking around them.

Benefits for the family

Avoiding smoke in the house prevents disease in family members due to secondhand smoke. People who live with a smoker have a 30% increased risk of a heart attack (2) and a 20-30% increased risk of lung cancer. (3)

Children who live with smokers get more ear infections, respiratory infections, asthma and sudden death syndrome. (3) They are also less likely to copy the smoking behaviour of their parents.

Smokers living in smoke-free homes is an increasing trend and can be a good first step in the quitting process.



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