‘Quit smoking and quit all the crap that goes with it’

Posted by DrMendelsohn on 12 November, 2017

You quit. You win.JPG

The Cancer Institute NSW and Cancer Council Victoria have joined forces for a new campaign which urges smokers to quit by highlighting the negative aspects of the habit.

From being embarrassed to give a hug to having bad breath, the 30 second TVC shows different smokers struggling with the habit’s side effects.

The ad concludes with a voiceover which says “quit smoking and you quit all the crap that goes with it”, followed by the tagline: “You quit. You win.”

Sarah McGill, director of Cancer Screening and Prevention at the Cancer Institute NSW said: “We are taking a different approach with this campaign. This engaging creative complements our more graphic health warnings, with a positive look at the many benefits of quitting smoking.”

Click here to see the ad

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