Were you born to be a smoker?

1 April, 2013

It is now generally accepted that 50-60% of smoking behaviour is determined by our genes. Genes are inherited from our parent…

Do you suffer from ‘Smoker’s face’?

5 March, 2013

Did you know that smokers look about 5 years older than non-smokers of the same age?

Is Chrissie Swan a bad mother?

8 February, 2013

Many people have vilified the media personality Chrissie Swan for smoking in pregnancy.

Quitting smoking prolongs life

26 January, 2013

New study shows that kicking the habit at any age can increase your life expectancy

FDA safety report on Champix is reassuring

17 January, 2013

Champix may have a slightly increased risk of cardiovascular events, but any risk is likely to be small.

The life and death of Bryan

13 January, 2013

Of the seven graphic images on the new cigarette packs, the most confronting is the one of Bryan Curtis. The image shows Bryan o…

Further bans on outdoor smoking in NSW

3 January, 2013

Smoking will be banned in a number of outdoor places in NSW from 7 January 2013.

Why the 'crest of coolness' is important to smokers

21 December, 2012

Many smokers tell us that cigarettes taste different since plain packaging was introduced. However, the manufacturers deny any c…

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