A great incentive for smoking grandparents

Posted by DrMendelsohn on 7 September, 2014

Grandparent.jpgTwo of my grandparent patients recently came up with great ideas to help them quit. Both have committed to save the money they spend on cigarettes for their grandchildren.

James is a 62 year old smoker who smokes 20 Pall Mall per day, at an annual cost of $8,000. He has 3 young grandaughters and has opened a bank account for each of them. He has promised to deposit his ‘ash cash’ into their accounts ($150 each week in total). The money will be available to the girls when they turn 18 years old.

Karen is a 56 year old grandmother who smokes over 30 cigarettes per day. She has a 16 year old grandson who has just started learning to drive. Karen also spends $8,000 per year on smoking. She has promised to deposit her smoking money into a special account to buy her grandson his first car. Her daughter is also contributing and the plan is a secret surprise for the lucky teenager!

Apart from the joy of giving a wonderful gift to your grandchildren, another incentive for grandparents is living longer to see them grow up. It is never too late to quit. Even at the age of 60, stopping smoking adds 3-4 years to your life. (1) It also protects your grandkids from exposure to secondhand and thirdhand smoke.

Do you have any ideas that may help motivate other smokers to quit? Please share them with us below.

Note: These are real patients, but their names have been changed.


1) Jha P. 21st-century hazards of smoking and the benefits of cessation in the US. New England Journal of Medicine, 2013


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