Trying again

If your quit attempt is unsuccessful this time, don’t despair. Smoking is now seen as a chronic (long-term) relapsing medical condition. Most successful ex-smokers have tried and failed many times before finally quitting for good. The secret here is to keep trying.

Each unsuccessful attempt is a learning experience. Work out what went wrong and address this issue next time. Each time you try to quit, your chances of success increase.

The sooner you try again the better. Every year you delay quitting after the age of 35 years you lose 3 months of life expectancy.

Click here to read the story of a Kate, a real patient who kept trying and finally quit for good.

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Which stop-smoking medication?

It is now known that individual smokers respond differently to different stop-smoking medications. A treatment which works superbly for one smoker may be ineffective in another. Some smokers will respond to a small dose of NRT (slow metabolisers) whereas others will require larger doses.

If a medication worked for you previously without troublesome side-effects at the same dose, then that is probably the best choice for you.



Last Modified: 31-05-2017