Where to buy e-cigarettes and e-juice


 Kikit starter kit.jpg
Kikit starter kit with 1 battery,
2 cartridges and USB battery charger

There are many different brands available, but I generally recommend KIKIT to my patients. KIKIT ecigs are well made and are promptly delivered by express courier from New Zealand within 2-3 days of online ordering.

The company is privately owned (not a tobacco company product). I have no commercial or other relationship with the company.

Each KIKIT ecig consists of a cartridge of e-liquid and a battery:

  • Cartridges. Available in 18mg/ml nicotine (medium) and 24 mg/ml nicotine (strong) and 3 flavours. Each cartridge delivers about 250 puffs, which is the equivalent of 1 packet of cigarettes.
  • Batteries. There are two battery choices:
    • The standard battery (145mah) lasts for the equivalent of about 10 'cigarettes' on a single charge and resembles a cigarette in appearance.It takes about 90 minutes to charge.
    • The larger battery (450mah) works for about 35 'cigarettes' and takes about 4 hours to charge. This delivers a bigger dose and may suit heavier smokers.
    • The batteries have several small holes where they join the cartridge. These can be blocked with the fingers while vaping to get a larger volume of vapour.

Users can purchase individual batteries and cartridges separately, along with USB chargers and wall chargers. Alternatively starter kits (opposite) and more advanced kits are available.

According to my calculations, the cost for an average user is about $130 AUD per month.

Web: www.kikit.co.nz
Tel:   0457 538 086


Second and third generation models

Brick and mortar vape shops

e-cigs second and third gen.jpg

Later generation ECs can be purchased at vape shops which provide advice on which model to purchase and how to use and maintain it. Most also have a taste bar, so you can try flavours before you buy. Some tobacconists also sell devices.

Vape shops in Sydney are:

The Steamery.  T (02) 9698 2623
30/506-514 Botany Rd, Beaconsfield
Shop 1/383-385 Church St, Parramatta
Vapour Power. 14a Railway Pde, Thornleigh. T (02) 8411 1529
Vape Industries. T 1300 550 313
CBD,  317 Sussex St, Sydney
Newtown, 642 King St, Newtown/Erskinville
Why Smoke. 5 Hay Ave, Caringbah

Click here for a full list of B&M vape shops Australia wide.

Australian websites

Later generation models can be purchased online. Popular Australian websites include:




Nicotine e-juice

In Australia: Nicopharme-juice 3.jpg

Flavoured and unflavoured nicotine solutions can be purchased legally in Australia online from Nicopharm.

Nicopharm provides a range of premixed flavoured solutions in various nicotine strengths

  • Nicotine concentrations available: 1, 3, 6,12, 18, 24 mg/ml
  • 23 flavours are now available: blueberry, cappuccino, double apple, cool mint, peaches and cream, caramel, smooth tobacco etc
  • Base: 60% PG: 40% VG

A prescription is issued in-house by a medical practitioner to meet the legal requirements for each order. The solution is then prepared in an Australian compounding pharmacy and  delivered with 1-2 days.

Nicopharm products are prepared to Australian pharmacy standards. All ingredients are pharmaceutical grade. The pricing is very competitive. I have no commercial or other relationship with Nicopharm.

International websites

E-juice with nicotine can be purchased online. Most beginners purchase premixed (ready to vape) solutions of nicotine in PG and VG with flavourings. Labelling of nicotine concentrations is generally accurate and variations post no major concerns, according to Public Health England.

More advanced users purchase nicotine solution in bulk (100 mg/ml) and add it to flavouring solutions. You can buy premixed (nicotine-free) e-juice from vape shops such as The Steamery or prepare your own by mixing flavouring with PG and VG. Regular vapers have nicotine testing kits to confirm the concentration of nicotine supplies.

Under Australian law, you will need to have a prescription for nicotine solution to purchase and use these products legally.

Some websites recommended as reliable by regular vapers are:


By my calculations, the cost of buying a device and e-liquid for an average user is about $70 per month.


Last Modified: 27-06-2017