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  • Vaping more effective than patches for pregnant women, study finds

    Vaping nicotine in pregnancy is more effective than nicotine patches and does not appear to be more harmful, according to a landmark study published today in Nature. The randomised controlled trial of 1,140 pregnant women at 24 hospitals in the……
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  • Australia’s vaping policy is preventing smokers from quitting

    An important new study published today has found that Australia’s harsh regulatory policy on vaping has SLOWED the decline in smoking compared to other similar countries with less restrictive policies. The study examined smoking rates and cigarette consumption in 6……
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  • The war against youth vaping: a message for Australian authorities

    NSW Health and Australian health authorities are engaged in a well-meaning but misguided attempt to eliminate youth vaping which will do more harm than good. Clive Bates and David Sweanor explain why this campaign is flawed in a submission to……
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  • Vaping needs a balanced scientific debate

    It is difficult to have a balanced scientific debate on tobacco harm reduction in Australia. Pro-vaping views are often rejected by Australian medical journals.  Responsible scientific journals should present both sides of an issue to allow a proper discussion A……
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  • New study shows vaping helps Australian smokers quit

    The first Australian real-world study of vaping nicotine has found that using e-cigarettes to quit increased the odds of success by 68%-124% compared to not using a vape.  The results suggest vaping may be more effective than NRT and other……
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  • Flawed report on vaping will harm public health

    Researchers at the Australian National University published a detailed report today on vaping for the federal Health Department. As expected, the report  Electronic cigarettes and health outcomes: systematic review of global evidence, delivered what the paymaster wanted and is seriously……
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  • Researchers discover vape liquids have chemicals!

    A recent study in the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) detected chemicals in nicotine-free vaping liquids purchased in Australia. An interview with the author on the ABC and a podcast were alarmist, referring to ‘dangerously high’ levels and potential risks……
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  • Australian psychiatrists reaffirm support for vaping

    Psychiatrists in Australia and New Zealand have reaffirmed their support for vaping nicotine as an effective harm reduction tool for smokers. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists represents 7,400 psychiatrists and trainee psychiatrists in both countries. In……
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  • How to stop vaping. New guidelines available

    The world’s first guidelines to assist vapers who want to quit vaping have been released today by the Canadian Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). The guidelines are designed for health professionals to support both adults and youth from age 15……
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  • Misguided anti-vaping zealotry will cost lives

    Some public health advocates seem more concerned about destroying tobacco companies than they are about improving public health.  In an article in today's Saturday Telegraph, zealots have attacked the training of doctors in tobacco harm reduction which will save lives,……
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