A fear of failure

fear-of-failure.jpgIf you have tried several times to quit in the past it is natural that you will be wondering if you are able to do it this time.

It is important to understand that most smokers try to quit a number of times before they are able to quit for good. Failure is a normal part of the quitting process. The only real failure is to not keep trying.

Perhaps you think you don’t have enough willpower. However, willpower is not a magic quality that some people have and some don’t. The key to quitting is being committed and using proven and effective strategies.

It is helpful to think of past ‘failures’ as learning experiences. Each time you try to quit, you learn something, for example that you can’t have ‘just one puff’ or that you are at-risk when drinking alcohol. You can use that knowledge to help you next time. Your chance of success improves with each attempt. 


How did you quit in the past?

  • Quitting without help (cold turkey) is commonly used but is almost always unsuccessful. Only 3-5% of attempts to quit cold turkey succeed.
  • Did you use medication? Did you use it for long enough, was the dose sufficient, did you use it correctly? If one medication didn’t work, did you try the others? Different treatments work for different people.
  • Perhaps you used unproven methods in the past, such as hypnosis, acupuncture, lobeline, NicoBloc etc.

Getting professional advice and support and using medication correctly will greatly enhance your chance of success this time. Hundreds of thousands of Australians quit each year and so can you!


Last Modified: 31-05-2017