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All the content of this website has been written by Dr Colin Mendelsohn.


Medical information

Medical information presented is based on the best scientific evidence at the time of writing. It is updated as new information becomes available. All information on this website is subject to copyright. 


Who is this site for?

This website is primarily designed for Dr Mendelsohn’s patients to assist them to quit smoking in conjunction with regular counselling. However, other patients and health professionals are welcome to read and use the information provided.

Please note that the information is meant to complement and not replace advice or information from Dr Mendelsohn or your health professional.


Sponsorship of this site

This website is fully funded by Dr Mendelsohn as a service to his patients. No sponsorship is received from any third party. There is no advertising on this site.

Dr Mendelsohn acts as a consultant from time to time to the pharmaceutical industry and other organisations that require specialist advice in the field of smoking cessation. He has received payment for teaching, consulting and conference expenses from Pfizer Australia, Johnson & Johnson Pacific and GlaxoSmithKline.


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